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Custom Made Jewelry

In addition to her own collection, Aurélie Atelier creates made to measure pieces and works on demand to meet your requirements.
By doing so, we can give life to your desires and allow you to create your own 18K gold jewelry. Engagement rings, wedding anniversary, birth gift… to celebrate your special occasion, we will blossom your ideas until the final realization of the jewels of your dreams.

Aurélie Atelier works to measure and meets your requirements.

Custom made

Natural stones are often the central element of our creations, we like to convey the beauty of a jewel by the brilliance/shine, color and story of the most beautiful gems and/or semi-precious stones. We will share with you our hidden treasures to sublimate your creation! Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, moonstone, garnet, amethyst, citrine… come and discover them without further delay in our workshop-boutique in Ixelles!
We also offer the possibility of transforming your old jewellery in order to modernize it so that it best suits your personality. Modify or add a stone, transform a ring into a bracelet,… anything is possible!

The desire to create awakens in you?
A special occasion to celebrate?

Contact us to bring your most beautiful creation to life.
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