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Orders and Payments


The Buyer places his/her order on website by following the procedure as indicated. The automatic registration systems of are deemed to be valid proof of the nature, content, and date of the order.

The sale will only be concluded following the confirmation of the order by La Frénésie d’Aurélie.

La Frénésie d’Aurélie reserves the right to not confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, especially regarding to the supply of products, a problem with the order (e.g.: orders with unusual quantities or amounts), or a predictable problem concerning the delivery. La Frénésie d’Aurélie will inform the Buyer by any means. All new orders will only be considered after payment by the Buyer of outstanding amounts owing with respect to his/her previous orders.


Prices are indicated in Euros and are only valid on the date of the execution of the order. The prices of the items can be modified by La Frénésie d’Aurélie at any time. Only the price posted on the site is valid between the parties.

The price listed does not include delivery charges.

Methods Of Payment

To settle the order, the Buyer may use the payment methods indicated during the processing of the order.

Online payment allows the Buyer to pay for his/her order via a banking server with a secure https protocol and encryption key. The order validated by the Buyer will only be considered as final when the financial institution has validated the transaction.

La Frénésie d’Aurélie reserves the right to cancel or suspend any order and/or any delivery in the event of a refusal of authorization of payment by credit card by the Buyer’s financial institution or in the event of a commercial dispute with the Buyer.

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